Forgot Password - Help and Information

Why Should I Register For Online Access?

Account Number

The "Account Number" is a North Shore Gas account that you would like to include on your online profile. This number is found at the top of the monthly bill.

Customer Name

The "Customer Name" is the individual name listed first on the monthly bill.

When entering the "Customer Name", be sure to list it exactly as it appears on the monthly bill.

Last 4 of SSN or FEIN

The "Last 4 of SSN or FEIN" is the last four digits of the account holder's Social Security Number or Federal Employer Identification Number. The SSN will be used to give the appropriate secure level of your account. You will be given three tries to correctly enter this number. If you would prefer not to provide this number, or continue to receive an error, you can still choose to complete your registration.

Please Note: If the last four digits of your social security number match what we have in our system, you will be provided with full access to all of the features of our site. If it does not match, or we don't have a social security number listed in our system, you will be sent a letter through the U.S. Mail with an activation number so that you can obtain full access to all of the features.