From time to time, we hear about scam artists posing as utility company representatives. The scammers may target customers through door-to-door visits or phone calls.

Always be skeptical if a person calls or knocks on your door claiming to be from the gas company. North Shore Gas employees carry identification and never go door-to-door seeking personal information.

How you can recognize a North Shore Gas employee:

Since many of our meters are located inside homes and businesses, a North Shore Gas field employee may knock on your door to provide access to our equipment. You can identify our employees by:

  • Safety vests and helmets - all North Shore Gas field employees wear safety vests and helmets with the North Shore Gas logo
  • IDs - employees wear IDs with their name, photo and logo included
  • Vehicles - Our vehicles are white in color with a blue North Shore Gas logo on the car or truck

Door-to-door scams

Someone impersonating a utility worker may visit your home trying to get personal or account information.

Phone scams

A caller may try to convince you to use a prepaid credit card to make a payment. Common phone scams involve stories that:

  • Your account is past due and payment is required to avoid service disconnection.
  • Your previous payments were not accepted or processed.
  • Your billing cycle has changed and payment is needed immediately.

Know how to avoid scams

  • Never provide social security or personal information to anyone initiating contact with you claiming to be a utility representative.
  • Never make a utility payment to anyone coming to your door, or to another person or entity other than your local utility providers.
  • If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a caller, hang up and call us at 866-556-6004 to verify your billing and payment status.
  • Always ask to see a company photo ID before allowing utility workers into your home or business. If you have doubts about a person at your door claiming to be from North Shore Gas, call us at 866-556-6004.

If you've been the victim or target of a scam, contact the Illinois Attorney General's office at 800-386-5438 (TTY 800-964-3013) or visit their website.

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