The natural gas, water, sewer and sometimes electric, telephone and cable TV lines serving your neighborhood may run underground.

So digging on your property without locating and marking utility lines first can lead to interrupted service, leaks and even a fire or explosion that can put your life in danger.

Before you dig, call JULIE at least 48 hours in advance. North Shore Gas service technicians will come to your home at no charge to mark the buried utilities on your property so that they will not be cut or damaged by you or your contractors. It's one phone call that can save time, money and your life. It's also the law.

Call JULIE at 811, or 800-892-0123

Above-ground markers

You'll know what's below by the different flags, stakes or paint. Identify these marks before you excavate.

  • Electric
  • Gas, oil or petroleum
  • Communications
  • Potable water
  • Reclaimed water, irrigation
  • Sewer
  • Proposed excavation
  • Temporary survey

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