We've designed your monthly bill to be clear and easy-to-read. Take a moment to read through the sample bill to understand its different parts.

Reading your bill

  1. Bill date, 15-digit account number, payment due date and amount due.
  2. Name and service address associated with your account.
  3. Summary of balance and payment activity since your last bill.
  4. Service classification, meter reading and conversion to therms.
  5. Detailed breakdown of delivery charges, gas charges and taxes that make up your total bill.
  6. Important messages from North Shore Gas.
  7. Toll-free customer service and emergency phone numbers.
  8. Graph summarizing monthly usage in therms.
  9. Graph summarizing monthly total charges.
  10. Payment due date and amount due.
  11. Monthly Share the Warmth donation enrollment.

If you have a payment arrangement with us:

Payment arrangement bill

  1. If you have a payment arrangement with us, the total payment arrangement balance plus any current charges will appear on your bill's payment stub.
  2. The amount you should pay (payment arrangement installment, plus any current charges) will now appear in the Messages section of your bill. For multipage bills, messages may appear on subsequent pages and not on the first page as shown in the sample bill to the left.

To understand your bill even more, view our billing terms found on the back of your bill. If you're signed up for Budget Billing, learn how to read your Budget Billing statement.

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact us.

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