All Choices for You suppliers need to use our data exchange process to sign up customers. Suppliers use PEGASys® to view the Choices for You Nomination Requirements report for the delivery ranges.

If you are not currently a PEGASys user, call 800-264-8026 or email for more information.

  • Generally, all information in the reports can be sorted by the various column headings. Either click on the column heading you want to sort on or choose 'Sort' under View on the Menu Bar.
  • All Filters have a 'Save as default' feature. You can save your filter options as a default by marking the 'Save as default' box in the lower left corner of the panel.
  • All reports and panels can be printed by either clicking the 'Print' button on the panel or by selecting 'Print' under File on the Menu Bar.
  • Suppliers participating in North Shore Gas Choices for You programs will be assigned Pool Numbers.
  • You can export data from numerous windows within PEGASys to several common Windows software applications.
  • A Help Icon is provided online to assist anyone with questions on how to navigate or utilize the features available on the PEGASys system. The Help Icon can be accessed anytime with a right click of the mouse while in any panel.

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