Eligible Choices for You residential customers can apply for and receive federal grant funds payable toward their utility bills. Suppliers that participate in the LDC Billing Option will have available monies applied automatically toward their charges and will not be required to submit LIHEAP claims. Suppliers that participate in other Billing Options must submit claims to North Shore Gas, via PEGASys® for available monies to be remitted toward customer Gas Charges.

North Shore Gas will post daily in PEGASys by 8:00 a.m. CST customer account numbers, LIHEAP ID, and the claims due date for all customers that have LIHEAP funds available. Suppliers will be allowed 5 days to submit your claim for LIHEAP funds. (Failure to submit a claim within the 5-day window forfeits the Suppliers access to available LIHEAP funds). To view and download this information, you must access the Choices for You LIHEAP ledger.

Suppliers participating in Choices for You will be assigned Pool Numbers.

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